Principles of Successful Blogging

Blogging is the in thing these days. In simple language blogging is a way to connect to the people you know in cyber space and off it. Bloggers have had a big and profound impact on the way the internet is used nowadays. They want more and more people to visit and like their blogs and they make no bones about that fact. The key aspects of blogging are that it should spread across a wide Diaspora of people and yet connect with whoever comes to visit or write. The following are ways in which a blog can be made useful:-

1. Thoughtful- The blog should be open to people to express their viewpoints and their thoughts on things that are happening in and around them. They should feel comfortable to share their feelings with the writer of the blog and get an instant connect with him on a thought process level.

2. Community- More than the actual content, it’s the feeling of belonging that makes a blog successful and above the rest. The readers and the visitors both should be able to feel that they are part of one big community of like minded individuals who can log on and come together on this particular space.

3. Entertaining- thought provocations are not always necessary on a blog. Yes the occasional times do bring them along. But try and make the blog funny. So that visitors feel a sense of humor when they visit. Try and share jokes and have a laugh with fellow blogger s on the network. That will make the atmosphere on the blog light hearted and animated.

4. Informational- These blogs are equipped with the latest news on any particular topic you might want to know about and have all the updates on it. Helps you to gather knowledge on subjects of your preference.

5. Debate- Another category of blogs which is becoming increasingly popular with people online. These blogs help users to come together to discuss and argue about various subjects and also understand each other’s viewpoints better.

6. Educational- Blogs are also informative as we have earlier discussed. But they can also help a great deal in educating people about various topics and subjects in and around our surroundings. Some fairly well known blogs that are hot property amongst regular bloggers are:-

1. Zen Habits – As its tag line suggests, it helps people focus on how to increase simple productivity.
2. I Can Has Cheeseburger – Extremely funny blog. Gives people stuff to laugh about.
3. Copy-blogger – This blog helps people hone their writing skills in a better way.
4. Seeking Alpha – This blog helps provide the latest updates on financial news.
5. Tree hugger – The blog urges people to live healthy and live green. Also preaches to stop the cutting of trees and deforestation.
6. TMZ – This blog gets all the latest news and updates on celebrity gossip.
The various ways in which people present their blogs are diverse. But the key to a successful blog always is the connect with the blogger s. And that depends on how good you are.

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